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to the U.S. Hispanic Latin American markets

Medula is a publisher that offers 360° media solutions that specialize in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. 100% publisher owned and operated with proprietary ownership of the largest and longest standing editorial houses in Latin America, founded from 1909 through 1950 with 100 years of credibility. Medula creates a distinctive unified solution that is unrivaled by anyone else offering a multi platform service. Real solutions containing transparent brand safe inventory that is comprised of content that accurately communicates and reaches the U.S Hispanic and Latin American audiences.

The superior quality of our audience is comprised
of Spanish speakers with the income that brands seek and want.

• Medula’s U.S Hispanic audience represents 12% of the US and 53% of the Latin American Markets.
• 98% of Medula’s Audience Speaks Spanish compared to 59%
of the total Internet Spanish speaking audience.
• 27% have a house hold income of 100K or higher vs. 23.9% of the total internet
• 49.4% of Medula’s audience has a house hold income makes of 60K+

Source: Medula/comScore/April2014/ Composition Unique Visitors


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